Integrity Wall Panel Photo

Integrity WallTM Panel

Simplicity is the key to the incredible strength and versatility of the Integrity Wall Panel. Each panel is engineered and fabricated with a 6” track, pairs of 2” square HHS tubes in parallel on 2’ centers bearing a 6” HSS Load Distribution Member. The pairs of HSS tubes leave a 2” space which acts to isolate the panel surfaces from acoustical and thermal transmission. This same space increases the possibilities for MEP rough-in efficiencies; no more studs to punch!

The 2” square HSS tube is a more efficient alternate to the standard CFS studs used on competing panels systems. It is the key to the incredible load resistance of the Integrity Wall System. The 2” tube face allows attachment of MEP rough-in devices and drywall materials the same as CFS studs.

The Load Distribution Member allows flexibility to design for spans and completely eliminates the vertical alignment requirements for joists.

Integrity WallTM Panels can be fabricated and shipped in sizes up to 12’- 5” tall and 32’-00” long without special hauling permits.

Integrity WallTM Panels for building exterior use feature a CFS screed angle/ pour stop and a ⅝” Glassroc sheathing applied edge to edge and to the top of the screed angle. The building is erected with a complete envelope ready for building wrap and exterior finishes – no need for additional lifts or scaffolding.

Integrity WallTM Panels are fabricated in an AISC Certified facility and carefully inspected during and after production for strict adherence to critical standards. Every panel is 100% welded for strength and long- term performance.

Exterior Wall and Window Panel Diagram – PDF